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Juohke sajis gos Deinboll lei, de son searvvai ealáhusaid ovddideapmái, ja son čálii čállosiid gos evttohii ovddidit eanadoalu ja guolásteami.
At each place where Deinboll was, he joined the development of economic activities and wrote texts where he proposed to develop agriculture and fishing.
Sii sáddejit dieđu ovttatmano.
They send the message right away.
Dan mun máhtán bajil.
I can memorize it.
Gii bat dan ii háliidivčče!
Who wouldn't want that!
Su eamit lei buohccán duođalaš psykosii, muhto Hesse ii sáhttán govahallat oktasaš eallima Mariain, vaikko son livččiige dearvvašmuvvan.
His wife had fallen ill with severe psychosis, but Hesse could not imagine a life together with Maria, although she was healthy again.
Muhto boahtteáigái soaitá jurdda bidjat filbmafestivála eará áigái.
But in the future, it may be a thought to add the film festival to another time.
Skohter suoláduvvui nuppe geahčen márkangili.
The shooter (gun) was stolen at the other end of the village.