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Gonagas lea jápmán! Ellos gonagas!
The king is dead! Long live the king!
Don dulkot buot aivve bahá guvlui.
You only give everything a negative interpretation.
Mii dárbbašit dieđuid geavaheddjiid giela ja kultuvrra birra.
We need information about the users' language and culture.
Davábeallái viesu ii gánnát hukset veránda.
On the north side of the house it is not worth building a porch.
Dán áššis leat čállon ollu giellásat.
A lot of lies have been written on that matter.
Go bárdni bođii dállui, de son lei áibbas galmmas.
When his son came to the house, he was completely cold.
Dán lága mielde bargu galgá čađahuvvot várrogasvuođain vai eai šatta dárbbašmeahttun stuora vahágat, ja nu ahte bargu ii dagat dárbbašmeahttun nuoskkideami dahje dárbbašmeahttun birasvahága.
The work according to this law, must be carried out with care so that not unnecessarily serious damages occur, and that the work does not cause a useless pollution or a useless environmental damage.
Ammahal dál rohkkáha mu?
He's probably going to attack me now?
Sii eai gal leat dien birra jurddašan nu olu.
They probably haven't thought so much about it.