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Várrevielttis oidnen guhkás ja njárggas oidnojedje moadde oktonas viesu.
From the mountainside I saw far and on the head I saw a couple of houses that stood alone.
Daja dat sámegillii.
Say it in Sami.
Eadni ii dáidde jienastit Bargiidbellodaga dán jagi válggas.
Mother may not vote at the Labor Party at this year's election.
Nieidavuovddi anihahtti areálas lea 40 % vuovdi, ja earasaji lea báljes várri.
Usable area in Andersdal is 40% of the forest, the rest being peeled mountain.
Ledjen njelljii doaktára luhtte ovdal go dearvvašnuvven.
I went to the doctor four times before I got well.
Dát dikta, maid návuotnalaš Paula Simonsen lea čállán ja Siri Broch Johansen lea jorgalan sámegillii, govvida poehtalaš hámis juoidá maid mii geahččalit duođaštit dán girjeráiddus.
This poem, written by Paula Simonsen of Kvænangen and translated by Siri Broch Johansen in Sami, illustrates in poetic form what we are trying to demonstrate in this series of books.
De lea ge buorre veaháš bosihit, ja lohkalit aviissa.
And so it's good to breath out a little, and read a little in the newspaper.
Dološ áigge lei muhtin geafes olmmái gii dávjá finadii báhpa luhtte ánuheame.
In the old days there was a poor man who often stopped by and begged the priest.
Dat lei munnje vuosttaš geardi.
It was the first time for me.