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Lottit eai leat vuos monnen buot besiide.
The birds have not yet laid eggs in all their nests.
Ja dies mun fuobmájin ge ođđa ealáhusa.
And from that I also discovered a new industry.
Máret jurddašii báŋkoloana birra maid galggai máksit odne.
Maret thought of the bank loan she was going to pay today.
Šaddá hui somá čiekčat sin vuostá geaiguin mii leat fárrolaga hárjehallan.
Playing football against those that we have trained in teams with will be very fun.
Ikte eahkes mun ribahin nohkkat, inge šaddan boahtit.
Last night I fell asleep and therefore did not come.
Buot gielat leat divrasat.
All languages are valuable.
Mii vujiimet áibbas jávohaga márkanii.
We drove completely silent to the church site.
Oaččongo snahppot vel vihtta minuvtta
Can I sleep another five minutes?
Duo čohkká nieida, gii golli vuittii.
Over there we have the girl who won the gold.
Mun luohtán finnmárkulaččaid iežaset návccaide.
I trust Finnmark's own powers.
Nuorat geardi berošta eará áššiin go boarráset geardi.
The younger generation is concerned with different matters than the older generation.
Dálvet sáhttá čuoigat, muhto geasset gal ii sáhte.
In the winter you can go skiing, but you can't well in the summer.
Mii áigut fállat ain buoret aviissa didjiide.
We will offer you an even better newspaper.