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Guovdageidnui go vulggii Piera? Guovdageidnui fal.
Is Kautokeino where Per went? Kautokeino indeed.
Rievtti mielde ii sirdo muvra gal, muhto áhpi borrá du sullo.
According to the court, it is true that the wall is not moved, but the ocean is eroding your island.
Muitte vuoigŋat.
Remember to breathe.
Eai sii nu beare olu ruđa gal jurddaš diesa geavahit.
They are not thinking of spending so much money on it.
Ja ii ge das galle - rámbuvrris lea maid erenoamáš fálaldat buot kundariidda.
And not only that - in the store there is also a special offer for all customers.
In beassan lahka ge uvssa.
I didn't even get close to the door.
Dán dihte vuolleahkásaš gánddas bohtanii njunni, čalbmi, baksamat ja maid massii ovtta báni, čállet áššáskuhtti eiseválddit áššáskuhttimis.
Following this, the nose, one eye, the juvenile boy's lips swelled and he also lost a tooth, testified the accusing authorities in the indictment.