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Mis ii leat šat mihkke dadjamušaid dasa.
We no longer have anything that we should have said.
Viimmat son ge lei geasa nu ávkin.
Finally he was useful to someone.
Ábirievssaha hápmi sulastahttá eanet duvváid go Larus-soga báiskkit.
Ivory gulls look more like pigeons than Larus gulls.
Barbara lei Vihanti beakkáneamos krokodiila.
Barbara was the most famous crocodile in Vihanti.
Kárášjohkii lea maiddái plánejuvvon boazodoallosuorgi (R-suorgi), mii erenoamážit lea jurddašuvvon boazosápmelaččaide.
In Karasjok, an area for reindeer herding (R-suorgi) has also been planned, which has been specially designed for reindeer herders.
Beargalaga bearjadat!
Fucking Friday!
Mun muittán bures go ledjen nuorra dieid beakkán 70 jagiin.
I remember well when I was young in the famous 70's.
Arvevuovddit leat stuora biebmovurkkohagat gos sáhttá viežžat biepmu.
Rainforests are great gamekeepers from which one can draw food.