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Čuvgehusa čuovgga dán háve sápmelaččain suopmelaččaide. Soardima haga, jurddašivččen.
This time it's the Sámi who enlighten the Finns. Without oppression, I would think.
Mii lávet bessiid loggut juohke jagi.
We used to stain peat every year.
In nagodan gozihit smávva beaivválaš áššiid ge.
I couldn't even take care of the little daily things.
Lea nu guhkes áigi go diekkár lágideapmi lei diein guovlluin.
It's been so long since there was such an event in those areas.
Prosámit oaivvildedje ahte gažaldagat eai lean neutrála, ja prosámi birrasat boikohttejedje jearahallama.
The pro-Sami were of the opinion that the questions were not neutral and the pro-Sami circles boycotted the inquiry.
Jus áiggut oahppat espánnjagiela, de sáhtát searvat min eahketkursii.
If you want to learn Spanish, you can join our evening course.