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Su eamit lei buohccán duođalaš psykosii, muhto Hesse ii sáhttán govahallat oktasaš eallima Mariain, vaikko son livččiige dearvvašmuvvan.
His wife had fallen ill with severe psychosis, but Hesse could not imagine a life together with Maria, although she was healthy again.
In leat goassege meara oaidnán.
I've never seen the sea.
Daid dieđuid vuođul orru leamen čielggas ahte prográmma doaibmá.
Based on that information, it seems clear that the program works.
Oahpaheaddji logai ohppiide ahte fertejit muitit bargat bihtáid.
The teacher told the students that they must remember to do their homework.
Dušše dat, geat ledje veahá riggát, muitaledje ahte sis lei bivttasskábe, nu go mis lei internáhtas.
Only those who were a little rich told us that they had a clothes closet, like we had at the boarding school.
Mun lean danin, nuorravuođa rájes juo, geahččalan doarjut sámiid sin eallindilisteaset, maiddái kultuvrralaččat.
So, since my youth, I have tried to support the Sami in their living conditions and also culturally.
Maid don nuorra sápmelaš háliidat?
What do you want, young Sami?
Mu leat gohččon jearahallamii.
I'm called for an interview.