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Moai ean beassan mielde, muhto dot gii lei gielistan alddis oaivebákčasa, gal beasai.
We didn't get to go along, but the guy lied and said he had a headache sure did.
Bill, jus don boađát mu fárrui, don nai govddut.
Bill, if you come with me, you'll float too.
Goalššas lea go giđđat dahje geasset lea čoaskkis.
The goal is when it is cool in the spring or summer.
Soai olliiga mollii oktanaga.
They came in at the same time.
Ja dan dáfus eai dárbbaš ballat maid duot dahje dot riikabellodat dadjá jus sii oaivvildit nuo dahje ná.
And in that regard, they don't have to be afraid of what one or the other nationwide party says if they think so or so.
Ráhkesvuohta ii leat válljemis
Love is blind.
Bivdojoavkkus lea lohpi ovtta ealgga velá báhčit.
The hunting team is allowed to shoot moose.
Nástti čađamihttu lea čuođiovcci geardde stuorát go eatnanspáppa.
The diameter of the star is one hundred and nine times greater than that of the Earth.
ja dat deaddá golbmačuođigolbmalogiduhát geardde eanet go eatnanspáppa,
and it weighs three hundred and thirty thousand times more than the earth,
ja nuba beaivváš sisttisdoallá badjelaš ovccilogiovcci proseantta beaivvášgotti oppalaš mássás.
and in fact the sun contains a little more than ninety-nine percent of the total mass of the solar system.