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Finnmárkku ámtaskuvla álggahuvvui 1876:s ja lei čuohtejagimolsuma rádjái gaskkohagaid Álttás ja gaskkohagaid Čáhcesullos.
The Finnmark County School started in 1876 and was periodically up to the turn of the century in Alta and periodically in Vadsø.
Skuhter njuikii badjel bolnni.
The shooter jumped when we drove over the mound.
Boanddat báikkážis masset olle sávzzaid boraspiriide.
The farmers in the area lose a lot of sheep to predators.
Ja dan dáfus eai dárbbaš ballat maid duot dahje dot riikabellodat dadjá jus sii oaivvildit nuo dahje ná.
And in that regard, they don't have to be afraid of what one or the other nationwide party says if they think so or so.
Girjjit ledje látnan láhttis.
The books were in a pile on the floor.
Danin leage dehálaš jearrat oahppis mo sus lea skuvllas.
Therefore, it is also important to ask the student how she has it at school.
Njealji vuodjimis lea son vuoitán golmma háve.
Of four races, he won three times.
Mánná njuvdilii olles čoma vuoja láibevajahassii.
The child rubbed a bunch of butter on the slice of bread.
Sámediggi juolludii mielas ruđaid dakkár prošektii.
The [Norwegian] Sami Parliament has gladly provided funds for such a project.
Geahččalan aŋkke gozihit visot servodahkii gullevaš áššiid.
I still try to keep up with all social issues.