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Máhtte logai ahte ii hal son goit dan oaivvildan.
Mahtte said it was not what he meant.
Son čuoigalii čoru badjel.
He disappeared over the pile of skis.
Dalle go munno boarrásamos nieida álggii joatkkaskuvlii, de šattaime diđoštit ahte skuvla čuovui rivttes oahppoplána dárogielas, go oahppit geain lea sámegiella vuosttaš- dahje nubbingiellan galget sierra dárogielplána čuovvut.
So when our eldest daughter started high school, we were led to investigate whether the school was following a correct educational project in Norwegian, because students who have Sami as a primary or secondary language should follow a project in Norwegian special.
Boazodoallu ja eará sámi ealáhusat sáhttet massit ain eanet eatnamiid suodjalussii dahje earáide.
Reindeer husbandry and other Sami industries may lose additional areas for the defense or others.
Čuovggáš lea skábman čuovgadeamos áigi beaivet.
'Čuovggáš' is the clearest moment of a day of the Arctic night.
Álggahit iežat fitnodaga.
Start your own company.
Dat lea dakkár njivli mii luovvana čáhcebohccis mii lea guhkit áigge vuollái čoagganan bohcciid sisa ja dat ii leat baika, čilge Nils Asllat Kildedam.
This is mucus that detaches from the water pipe, which has been accumulated for a long time inside the pipes and is not dirt, explains Asllat Kildedam.
Čuovvovaš tabeallas leat hiraganamearkkat. Jietnadeapmi lea Hepburn-ortnega dáfus.
The hiraganas characters are in the following table. The pronunciation follows the Hepburn method.
Gázzalottiin lea mearragoaskin eanemusat laskan, muhto deike guoddá maid fálli ja biehkan / boaimmáš.
Among the birds of prey, the most abundant is the great sea eagle, but also the peregrine falcon and the rough-legged buzzard / buzzard.
Stuorámus latnja girkus lea skiipa.
The most important room in the church is the nave.