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Dás ledje ollu váttis sánit.
There were a lot of hard words in this.
Dovdosepmosat leat su čullosat, maid son ráhkada iešguđetlágan luondduávdnasiin.
Her best known are her sculptures that she makes in different natural materials.
Eai guđege eará riikkas leat nu buorit eavttut ráhkadit elektrihkalaš energiijja biekkas go mis.
No other country has such good conditions for developing electric power using the wind as we are.
Dan moiva dillái lea sivva, go Sámedikki golbma nammaduvvon áirasat Fefo stivvras eai nagodan gaskaneaset soahpat stivrajođiheaddji.
There is a cause for this confused situation, since three appointed representatives of the Saami Parliament to the leadership of the Fefo [Finnmark Land Management Organization] have not been able to agree on a chair between them.
Elle viegai geahppa lávkkiiguin dievá badjel áhku lusa.
Elle ran with easy steps over the mound to Grandma.