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Goappaš bealit sáhttet gáibidit ahte buhtadas galgá mearriduvvot ođđa árvvošteami bakte go lea vássán logi jagi das rájes go buhtadas mearriduvvui.
Either party may require that the compensation be ordered by a new assessment, if it has been ten years since the award was made.
Nu ahte ii lean beare stuora atnudan sámegillii maid oahpaheaddjit ledje oahppan.
So there was not too much use of the Sami language for teachers who had learned it.
Boaimmáža sattáhallama sáhttá geahčadit duoddariin, ja maiddái goaskimis lea meahcis bessenbáiki.
The tundra can see the soaring of the rough-legged buzzard and the eagle nesting in the wilderness.
Juohkehaččas lávejedje leat fárus gávnnit, gámasuoinnit, tallearka, kohppa, baste, beavdeniibi ja basadanlihtti.
Everyone used to bring bedding, shoe herbs, a plate, a bowl, a spoon, a table knife and a tub for washing.
Finnmárkkuopmodat galgá vuođohis áji haga buktit oaivila komišuvnna konklušuvnnaide.
The Finnmark Land Management Organization shall, without undue delay, provide an opinion to the findings of the commission.
Čuorbmasat spohkke garrasit lásiid vuostá.
Hailstones drummed strongly against the windows.