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Sámediggeráđđi doaibmá Sámedikki ráđđehussan, ja ovddasvástida beaivválaš politihkalaš doaimma.
The Sámi Parliamentary Council acts as the government of the Sámi Parliament and is responsible for daily political activity.
Muhtin dálkasiin ii dárbbat máksit iežasmávssu.
For some drugs, it is not necessary to pay a contribution.
Ja dat maiddá jorgaluvvo sániiguin nugo lea ovdalis juo čállojuvvon.
And that is also transformed with words, as it is written already above.
Mus ii leat dilli.
I don't have time.
Báikkálašealáhusaid ovddideapmi.
Development of local industries.
Beatnatviola (Viola canina) lea violašattuid čerdii ja violaid sohkii rássi.
The dog violet is a herbaceous plant of the family Purplaceae and the genus of violets.
Ledjen goitge gulolaš skuvlaeiseválddiid gohččumii, ja bargen nu bures go sáhtten.
I was nevertheless subject to the instructions of the school authorities and I was doing as well as I could.