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Ii ge gillen suinna ba hállat ge šat.
And then he didn't even bother to talk to her anymore.
Son ceggii sabehiid seainni vuostá.
He placed the skiis against the wall.
Oarra lea reagas gitta
The rope is tied to the sleigh.
Genaid bokte sáhttá guorrat olmmošsoga maŋosguvlui.
With the help of genes we can follow mankind back in time.
Son lea min geahčen fitnan juohke geasi.
She visted us (our house) every summer.
Duon jávrri lávejit lohkat botniheapmin.
It used to be said that that lake was bottomless.
Mun válddán dán, don fas dien.
I'll take this, you left it there.
Mun oidnen áhku guovlamin glássaráigge olggos.
I saw grandma look out the window.
Dan maŋŋil bođii suttoulli, dál buot govdu.
After that a flood came, now everything is floating.
Vuolggán dalle go gávppit rahpasit.
I'll leave when the stores open up.
Nu sii manne dieidda báikkiide ja maŋŋel vel ollu eará báikkiide.
So they went to those places and later also to many other places.
Dat dušše bođii jearrat áiggun go dánset.
She just came and asked if I wanted to dance.
Mun gádden supmi miljovdnan, muhto ii leange eambbo go moadde duhát.
I thought the sum was a million, but it turned out to be no more than a couple of thousand.
Ášši lea ortnegis, muhto ortnet lea jávkan
Everything is in order, but the order is wrong.
Ii miljovnnain oastte viesu dán áigge. Miljovnnaiguin gal baicca boađášii viessu.
You cannot buy a house even with a million these days. With several millions you might get a house.