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Daid gáhppálagaid gaskkas maid mii leat girjerádjosiin gávdnan, de leat moadde mas lea ruossa čujuhusa nama badjel, čállosiin «Máhcahuvvo. Ii leat diŋgojeaddji.»
Of the copies we found in the libraries, there are two or three that have a cross on the address field, and it says, 'To return. Is not a subscriber. '
Sivvan gottiid jápmimii ii sáhte leat eará go álddagas.
The cause of death of wild reindeer can only be lightning.
Eai leat gallis.
There aren't many people.
Girji lea anolaš jorgaleaddjiide, studeanttaide, girjjálašvuođalohkkiide, gielladutkiide ja eará berošteaddjiide.
This book will be useful for translators, students, readers of literature, linguists and all interested parties.
Ipmila sivdnádus dutnje ja du vehkii.
May God protect you and yours. (literally: Blessing of God to you and your family)
Otne lea dálvejorggáldat ja jagi oaneheamos beaivi.
Today is the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year.