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Mánáidgárdi lea sámi mánáidgárdi, gos sámegiella lea doaibmagiellan, ja sámi árbevirolaš bajásgeassin lea pedagogalaš vuođđun.
The kindergarten is a kindergarten where Sami is the language of work and where the traditional education is the teaching base.
Son deattuha viidáseappot ahte stáhta fálaldat ii soaba gustovaš davveguovlopolitihkain.
She goes on to point out that the government's proposal is not suited to the current policy of the northern territories.
Man máŋgga geardde lea áigejorggáldat jagis? – Guovtte geardde. RIEKTA
How many times is there a solstice in the year? - Two times. CORRECT
Lei go dát vuosttaš geardi go dus lei oktavuohta sámegiela čállingielain?
Was this the first time you had contact with the Sami written language?
Soabbáda álbmotmeahcis sáhtát vel deaivvadit bosttagearbmaša, muhto Suoločielggi duoddariid davábealde dat ii loavtte.
In the Sompio Nature Reserve you can still meet a viper, but north of Saariselkä's tundra, it doesn't like it.
Go Jakob ávžžuha rohkadallat buohcci ovddas, de addá rávvagiid...
When Jacob exhorts to pray before the sick, then he gives these instructions: [...].