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Ovddit girjjis čáliimet ahte dáinna ráidduinmii háliidit kártet maid sámi oahppit leat vásihan norgga skuvllain, muhto ahte kárttas leat ain máŋga vilges dielkku.
In the previous book, we wrote that with this series we want to map what Sami students have known in Norwegian schools, but this map still has many gray areas [white spots].
Dan maid mii dál diehtit lohkama ja áddema birra, de sáhttá dadjat ahte dát ii addán rivttes gova.
From what you know now about reading and understanding, it can be said that it did not give a fair image.
Ii leat giitámuš
It's nothing/you're welcome
Márehis eai galbmon juolggit go sus ledje ullobuvssat main ledje lábit.
Máret's legs didn't freeze because she was wearing wool leggings.
Kárášjoga čáhcehoavda teknihkalašossodagas, čilge ahte dát ii leat mihkkege mas dárbbaša vuorjašuvvat.
The drinking water director at Karasjok's technical department explains that there is nothing to worry about.
Muittohis áhkku ja láhppon čalbmelásat.
The amnesiac grandmother and the lost glasses.
Ruoŧa boliisa ii leat vel boazogoddiid gávdnan.
The Swedish police have not yet found the killers of reindeer.
Viidni ii oassin sámi kultuvrras.
Wine is not part of the Sami culture.