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Ohcejoga gielda ii hukse ođđa beaiveruovttu Gáregasnjárgii.
The municipality of Utsoki will not build a new nursery in Karigasniemi.
Skuvllas lea maiddái kultuvrralaš prográmma.
At school, there is also a cultural program.
Dan bargun lea oahpahit sámi nuoraide atnit árvvus sámi kultuvrra ja sámi árbevieruid, nannet daid nuoraid iešdovddu, geat leat doaimmas.
Its task is to teach young Sami to use the Sami culture and traditions with respect, to affirm the self-confidence of these young people who are active.
Rektáŋgel lea njealječiegat polygona mas guokte ja guokte siiddu leat seamma guhku ja man juohke čiehka lea 90°.
A rectangle is a quadrilateral polynomial that has its sides in pairs of the same length and each angle is 90 °.
Don gal borat vaikko man ollu.
You really eat so much.
Hindulašvuohta lea máilmme goalmmádin stuorámus osku.
Hinduism is the third most largest religion in the world.
Mis ledje čađat kurssat oahpaheddjiid várás iešguđetge fáttás; skuvlaárvvoštallamis, báikkálaččat heivehuvvon oahpahusas, guovttegielatvuođas ja sámi historjjás.
There were constant courses for teachers on various topics, from locally appropriate teaching to bilingualism and Sámi history.