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Vuolledábit: bunnu, gužžaráigi, cinná, bahtaráigi, stuorracinnábaksamat, uhcacinnábaksamat, návli, návleoaivi, bállut.
The genitals: the clitoris, the urinary meatus, the vulva, the anus, the large vulvar lips, the small vulvar lips, the penis, the glans, the testicles.
Dehan bážii oaivái
I was just thinking
Roađi birra hupmat beaiveluoitima ja beaivebadjáneamioktavuođas.
As for red, we talk about it in relation to sunset and sunrise.
Dasto sáhttet sápmelaččain leat leamen sierra vuoigatvuođat bajábealde namuhuvvon prinsihpaid vuođul.
Thus, the Sami can have separate rights on the basis of the principles mentioned above.
Rehketdiimmuin galge sii suorpmaiguin lohkat logi rádjái.
In calculating the time, they must rely on their fingers up to ten.
Nággu dáidá joatkašuvvat, sihke oidnosis ja healmmi duohken.
It is possible that the controversy will continue both openly and under the mantle [behind the hem].
Seaŋgaossodagain pasienttaide fállojuvvo iđitbihttá, beaivemális, beaivekáffe, eahketbeaimális ja eahketbihttá.
With the hospital service, patients are offered breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner and in the evenings.
Beaivet mun dábálaččat logan giela ja kultuvrra. Eahkedis mun dávjá duddjon eahketgurssas.
During the day, I usually study language and culture. In the evening, I often do crafts in evening classes.
Dasto vahkuloahpaid áigge mun gearggan eambbo lohkat universitehta oahpuid.
Then, during the weekend, I have the time to study further the courses of the university.
Skuvlastivra oažžu válddi virgáibidjat dárbbašlaš oahpahannávccaid, háhkat dárbbašlaš visttiid ja muđui bargat bušeahtarámmaid siskkobealde.
The school board obtains the right to hire the necessary confirmed teachers, to obtain the necessary premises and to act from the budgetary framework.