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Ánne lei nu illáveaje ja šliettas, ii veadján maidege.
Anne was so unwell and limp, she could do nothing.
1975:s lei láiraeanauđas mii jalgii buot dieid merrii, golbma olbmo dušše ja maŋŋil eai šat huksen dohko.
In 1975 there was a clay landslide that took all that to the sea, three people died and after that, we no longer built here.
Cizášfálli gávdno miehtá Sámis. Erenoamážit ássá beahcevuvddiin.
The sword falcon is found everywhere in Sami country. It resides particularly in the pine forests.
Lea dábáleabbo Sámi davveguovlluin go máddelis. Bárbmoloddi.
It is more common in northern regions rather than further south. Migratory bird.
1857:s ledje dan gávcci nuvttásajis njeallje sápmelačča, golbma seaguhussogalačča ja okta dáččasogalaš.
In 1857 there were eight scholarships, four Sami, three mixed race and one Norwegian.
Dušše jagi maŋŋil ledje dan gávcci nuvttásajis vihtta dáččasogalačča, guokte sápmelačča ja okta látti oahppi.
Only a year later, there were eight scholarships, five Norwegians, two Sami and a Finnish student.
Sivvan dasa lei go njuolggadusat rievdaduvvojedje nu ahte dat duođai vuoruhedje dáččasogalaččaid nuvttásajiide.
The reason was that the rules had been changed so that in fact the priority was given [they gave priority] to the Norwegians scholarships.