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Mii finaimet sávnnjis oktii vahkus, mii lei maid miellagiddevaš.
We went to the sauna once a week, which was also interesting.
Eurohpalaš buohccedáhkáduskoarta ferte vuosehuvvot nu doavttirgalledeamis go apotehkas.
The European health insurance card must be presented during the visit to the doctor as well as to the pharmacy.
Oahppi oahppá maid háhkat materiálaid.
The student also learns to obtain materials.
Materiálat sáhttet leat ovdamearkkadihtii muorra, dákti, báhkki, beassi, bárku ja náhkki.
The materials may be for example wood, bone, magnifying glass, birch bark, bark (other trees) and fur.
Maŋŋil go badjel 20 jagi lea orron máddin, de máhccá ruovttoluotta.
After living over 20 years south, he returns home.
Olbmuid iešbuorrevuohta, fámu geavaheapmi ja galmmasvuohta vuhttui eambbo ja eambbo.
The selfishness of men, the use of force and coldness, were more and more perceptible.