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Stuorámus luoitimat nuoskkidemiin leat riššadioksiida ja lossametállat nugo nihkkel ja veaiki mat leat darvánan unna gavjaávnnas čalmmiide.
The largest emissions in contaminations are sulfur dioxide and heavy metals such as nickel and copper, which are stuck on small particles of dust.
Sii leat dál fihtolaččat doalahit dážaid leavttu sihke kultuvrralaččat ja ruđalaččat.
They are now able to keep pace with Norwegians both culturally and economically.
Čábbámus iđitguovssu
The most beautiful dawn (novel title)
Allot šat dubme guhtet guimmiideamet!
Le'ts no longer judge each other!
Ealgaealliid bivdolobi mieđiheapmi eaktun lea, ahte lobi ohccis dahje ohcciin lea vuoigatvuohta bivdit ohcamušas oaivvilduvvon ealgaealli bivdui heivvolaš oktilaš guovllus.
The agreement for a deer hunting license assumes [a condition] that the applicant or applicants for the license have the right to hunt in a region related to their application, fully adapted to the deer hunt.
Bargobájis šattut, mat borret bierggu, ledje čurolasta ja alitvuodjalasta, maidda divrrit darvánit ja šattut geavahit dan biebmun.
The plants during the workshop, which eat meat, were sundew and common butterwort, to which the insects remain stuck and the plants use them as food.
Rohttejin ránu oaivvi badjel vai oaččun nahkáriid.
I went over my head to sleep.