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Nils-Aslak Valkeapää dahjege Áillohaš lei sápmelaš dáiddar, diktačálli ja juoigi.
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää or Áillohaš was a Sami artist, poet and singer (yoiker).
Meahciráđđehus lea stáhta fitnodatlágádus, mas leat sihke fitnodatdoaimmat ja almmolaš hálddahusbarggut.
The Forest Administration is a government body but also commercial activities as well as public administrative services.
Nuoraidromána davvisámegilli jietnagirjin.
A book for young people in North Sami and audio book.
Suomas vuođđudedje meahcceguovlolágain (62/1991) jagis 1991 12 meahcceguovllu, maid viidodat lea oktii buot sullii 1,5 miljovnna hektára.
In Finland was established by the Wilderness Area Act (62/1991) in 1991, 12 wilderness areas, all of which together amount to about 1.5 million hectares.
Beallečuokkis lea čuoggá ja rihku gaskasaš mearka, ja dan atnit go čuokkis orru beare garra ja rihkku fas beare almmehis gaskamearka.
The semicolon is an intermediate sign between the point and the comma and it is used when the point seems too strong and the comma, a punctuation mark too weak.
Ohppiid lohku rievddadii jagi mielde.
The number of students varied throughout the year.
Ollugat vulge davás dohko gos ledje hukseme ođđasit, ja earát fas bohte sadjái.
Many went north, where there was new construction, and others arrived in their place.
Ii lean diehtu man guhká leairrat galge leat doaimmas.
It was not known how long the camps were to be operational.