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Mun bidjen liegga juhkosa lávkii.
I put hot drinks in my bag.
Čájet Sámi vuoiŋŋa!
Show Sami spirit!
Mánát vázze gitta Guovdageidnui.
The children walked all the way to Guovdageaidnu. (Kautokeino)
Liikot go don suoma lávlagiidda ja musihkkii?
Do you like Finnish songs and music?
In muitte šat, manin su gohčodedje.
I don't remember what they called her any more.
Geainna bat mun dál human?
Who am I talking to now?
Duopmu ii soaba dan sámepolitihkalaš ovdáneapmáige mii lea dáhpáhuvvan 80- ja 90-loguin.
The verdict does not match the Sami political progress that has taken place in the 80s and 90s.
Gávpot lei ge oalle guoros ja muhtimat háste vuolgit várrái.
The city was then quite empty, and some were encouraged to go to the mountain.
Sápmelaččat sávvet ain báhtareaddjiid bures boahtin.
The Sami continue to welcome refugees.
Oktii leimmet vuot šlaggamin vuola, go jurddašišgohten áhči.
Once when we drank beer again, I began to think of my father.
Giebat ja gunat dušše borggistedje, muhto ii lean šat nu báhkas.
It just smoked from the soot and ashes, but it was no longer so hot.
Mii heđiid dus lea?
What kind of problems are you having?
Alloset boađe mus bearrat dan vealggi!
They shouldn't come and demand payment from me of that debt!
Ovtta áššis moršii.
From one thing to another ("From one thing to a walrus")