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Basiid áigge leat eambbosat vánddardeame luottaid alde.
During the holidays, there are more hikes on the roads.
Go leat eambbosat vánddardeame, šaddá stuorát várra ahte lihkohisvuođat dáhpáhuvvet.
When there are more hikes, there is a greater chance that accidents will occur.
Seammás leat leamaš stuora rievdadusat boazodoalus.
At the same time, there were important changes in the (reindeer) breeding industry.
Oaččut oađđit nu eatnat go háliidat.
You can sleep as much as you want.
Reaššvuona eallinvuođđu lea leamaš nugo ollu eará Finnmárkku vuotnagiliin, smávvadálut, guolástus, bivdin ja eará meahcceealáhusat.
Subsistence at Rafsbotn consisted, as in many villages in the fjords at Finnmark, in small farms, fishing, hunting, and other means of subsistence derived from nature.
Dán birra dat riidu lei, ja mun lean ilus go mu oaidnu vuittii.
This quarrel was about that, and I was happy when my point of view prevailed.
Leago dus leamaš čáhcečolohagat, čottaboalddáhat dahje raddeboalddáhat masá beaivválaččat uhcimusat vahku?
Have you had vomiting, inflammation of the throat or heartburn almost daily for at least [a week]?
Mo dalle go bátni bávččasta?
What to do when you have a toothache?
Bátnedoavttirstudeanta dutká sápmelaččaid bátnedivššu.
A student dentist studies the dental care of the Sami.