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Guovža njamai ciikku, lei mánáid stoahkanustit, ja šattai dađis áibbas lodji.
The bear was nursing the bitch, he was the playmate of the children and he became little by little completely tamed.
Skuvlavázzin lei sin mielas aivve bággodilli.
Schooling was, according to them, only a constraint.
Sis geain lea vearrás allergiija ahte sáhttet oažžut allergalaššohka, sis galgá leat fárus adrenaliina dálkkas čuggestat.
Those who have an allergy so strong that they can have an allergic shock, should have with them an adrenaline puncture.
Skuvladilli dološ áiggi ii lean fávdnát, muhto guokte girjji ledje báhcán muitui, katekismus ja biibbalhistorjá davvisámegillii.
The school [the school condition] in time was not famous, but two books remained in memory, catechism and Bible history in North Sámi.
Muhto lea okta jearaldat: lea go dat doarvái buorre?
But there is a question: Is this good enough?
Beatnaga geavahus boazobargguin ovdal ja dál - boahtteáiggi vejolašvuođat.
From dog use in reindeer herding before and now - future prospects.