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Hesse 50. riegádanbeaivvi gudnin almmustuvai seamma jagi maiddái vuosttas eallingeardi, man su ustit Hugo Ball lei čállán.
The same year, in honor of Hesse's 50th birthday, also appeared the first biography that his friend Hugo Ball had written.
Oktii vahkus lea Sabbat. Dat álgá bearjadaga ja bistá lávvardat eahkedii.
Once a week the Sabbath takes place. It starts on Friday and lasts until Saturday evening.
Mátketelefovdna galgá leat jáddaduvvon.
The cell phone must be turned off.
Ráđđehus evttoha rievdadit njuolggadusaid vai sii geat ásset oktasaš viesuin (oktasaš kievkkan ja beaivelatnja) sáhttet oažžut ássandoarjaga.
The government is proposing to amend the by-laws so that those who live in collective dwellings (a kitchen or collective stay) can get a housing allowance.
Dál leat boahtán bárbmui.
Now they have arrived in the hibernation area.
Juohke guovllus gullojit lottit vižardeamen ja divrrit šurramin.
In each place we hear the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects.
Váldde gihtii veaháš johkasáddo ja geahča dan mikroskohpain.
Take some river sand in your hand and observe it with a microscope.