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Mánát galget searvat spábbačiekčanhárjehallamiidda guktii beaivái, ja hárjehallamiid gaskkas lea borranboddu.
The children have to take part in football practice twice a day and between these trainings, we have the lunch break.
Mu vuosttaš girji – muittán dan hui bures. Dat lei nu čáppa. Vaikko ledjen ge unna gánddaš gii in máhttán čállit in ge lohkat; goit mu váimmus bulii dan girji.
My first book - I remember it very well. It was so pretty. Even though I was a little kid who could not write or even read; however, I loved this book [in my heart burned this book].
Olbmo beaivvit leat dego suoidni, olmmoš lea dego gietti lieðði.
The days of man are like grass, he is like a flower of a field.
Wikipedia lea friddja diehtosátnegirji badjel 270 gielain.
Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia with over 270 languages.
Sildi dahje maiddái gohčoduvvon sallit (Clupea harengus) lea mearaguolli mii vuodjá spierruin.
Herring, also called 'sallit' (Clupea harengus), is a sea fish that swims in shallow waters.
Lulimus lullisámiid gaskkas, Elgå skuvllas, Engerdal suohkanisHedmárkkus, čađahuvvui muhtin jagiid das ovdal giellaealáskahttinprošeakta,
At the Elgå school, among the southernmost southerners in Hedmark, in the municipality of Engerdal, a revitalization project of the language was carried out a few years ago,
ja mii geahčadit mo sámi ohppiid dilli lea leamaš doppe ovdal ja maŋŋil prošeavtta.
and we are looking at what was there, the situation of Sami students before and after the project.
Ja go in leat šat mánná, muhto aŋkke in ollesolmmoš, ja vel mu stuorámus sávaldat ja ohcaleapmi leat sihke nieida ja bárdni oktanaga.
And because I am no longer a child, but not an adult, and what's more, my greatest wish and longing is to be both a girl and a boy.
Duiska soahteveahka fallehii Norgga cuoŋománu9.beaivvi 1940 árraiđit.
The German army attacked Norway on April 9, 1940 early in the morning.
Mat leat asteroiidat?
What are asteroids?