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Bures boahtin Sátnejođiheaddji čihkii!
Welcome to the mayor's corner!
Skuvlahoavda aivve dárostii, lagadii munnje čohkuma ja jearai dárogillii máid čohkumiin galggan bargat.
The principal of the school spoke only Norwegian, he put a comb on me and asked me in Norwegian what to do with it.
Jesus riegádii olmmošvuhtii dego juvddalaš mánná juvddálaš gávpogis.
Jesus was born to humanity as a Jewish child in a Jewish city.
Muhto son dárbbaša maid riegádit juohke kultuvvra sisa.
But he also needs to be born in every culture.
Galledeami bistu mearrašuvvá oahppolágádusa skuvladiimmuid guhkkodaga mielde.
The duration of the visit is determined by the length of the class hours of the institute.
Vuosttas gaskaoapmi loktet bázahallan girko- ja skuvladoaimma lea gávdnat dohkálaš ja rivttes oskooahpaheddjiid,
The first way to promote backward school and religious activity is to find competent and honest religious teachers,
nubbi lea ásahit dakkár ásahusa gos oahpahit skuvlaoahpaheddjiid.
the second is to set up such an institution to teach school teachers.
Čeabet lea oanehaš, deahkkái ja govdat máddagis; fálbmi lea govdat ja vuollegaš; raddi čieŋal; lábit deahkkásat ja vehá hállut; sealgi guhkki; bahta govdat ja deahkkái, oanehaš ja vehá hállut.
The neck of the Icelandic horse is short, muscular and broad at the base; the withers is wide and low; the deep chest; shoulders well fleshed and a little oblique; the long back; the rump broad and muscular, short and a little oblique.
Eadni lea bidjan johtui mašiinna mii bossu lieggasa jikŋon revrriide.
Mom has turned on the machine that blows heat into the frozen pipes.