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Joatkkaskuvlla várás eai báljo gávdno oahppogirjjit sámegillii.
There are almost no textbooks in Sami for upper secondary school.
Jus buoret livččet borramuša oastán, njálgáid sadjái!
If you would rather buy food, instead of sweets!
Cealkke mus dearvuođaid!
Send my regards!
Buohkat bohte earret Niillasa.
Everyone came except Niillas.
Ovllá lea eanemus áhčis ládje, muhto lea maid veahá eatnis ládje.
Ovllá is most similar to his father, but also somewhat similar to his mother.
Čáhpes balvvat gokčet álfárot gáissáid ja váriid.
Black clouds completely cover peaks and mountains.
Eadni čiŋada ja gokčá hárduidis silkkiin.
Mother decorates and covers the shoulder area with a silk.
Govčča uvssa!
Lock the door!
Mus leat dievva seahka luopmanat.
I have the bag full of molts.
Ruhtadili geažil dat ii leat vel ollašuvvan.
Due to the economy, this has not yet been implemented.
Sámi nissoniid eallin lea rievdan.
The lives of Sámi women have changed.
Dalle go áddjá elii, láviimet juoŋastit.
When Grandpa lived, we used to fish with nets under the ice.
Filmma sisdoallu ii leat gal moktege rievdaduvvon.
The content of the movie has not changed in any way.