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Muhtomin in ipmir maid son dadjá.
Sometimes I don't understand what he is saying.
Ii hal dohko goit vuolgge?
He isn't going there, is he?
Lunttat ledje stoahkame skohteriin eanu alde.
The boys were playing with boats on the river.
Orrut dego bahtii čuggehallan guovža
To lose one's temper (to seem like a bear that's been poked with something sharp in the rump)
Manne it iešge šaddat sepmona?
Why wouldn't you grow a moustache too?
Mun galggan geahččat dán viesu bearrái.
I'll look after this house.
Sámediggi lea miehtan sutnje máksit 800 ruvnno juohke árgabeaivvi ovddas, muhto ii fal lávvordagaid, sotnabeivviid ja bassebeivviid ovddas.
The Sami Parliament has agreed to pay SEK 800 for every weekday, but not for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Vaikko sii dahketge earenoamáš musihka, CMX lea viimmat aivve stuorra duolvačáhcebohcci.
Even though they make excellent music, CMX is, ultimately, just a big sewer.
Mun anán das fuola.
I'll take care of it.
Eadni lea dan mađe buozas ahte dárbbaša divššu birra jándora.
Mother is so sick that she needs care around the clock.
Ođđa ossodahkii dárbbašuvvojit goitge logi dikšu.
At least 10 caregivers are needed for the new department.
Sii háliidit buoridit bargodili erenomážit dikšuide.
They want to improve working conditions especially for carers.
Sáhtán šaddat velggolažžan.
I can pay you later.
Jus áiggut oahppat spánskkagiela, de sáhtát searvat min eahketkursii.
If you want to learn Spanish, you can join our evening course.
Sii duoljis ja čoarvvis atnet ávkki.
They utilize the skin and the horn.