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Moai measta vulge dohko.
The two of us were just about to go there.
Oahpaheaddji háladii rektoriin.
The teacher spoke with the principal.
Dehan bážii oaivái
I was just thinking
Galhan mus lea vuolla!
But I do have beer!
Ášši ovdána
Things are coming along
Maid herskuid galggašii alla hearráide guossohit?
What kind of delicacies should we treat the honored guests to?
Mii du váivvida?
What's the matter with you?
Buot dat maid galgá gierdat.
This is all too much to handle.
Dat mii dáhpáhuvvá, dat dáhpáhuvvá.
What happens, happens.
Eat berre nuorttas ribahit ealu.
We shouldn't lose the herd eastward.
Servviid sáhttet joavkkut rihpat alcceseaset fámuin go jienastit oktasaččat jahkečoahkkimis.
Associations can be bought by a group meeting up with coordinated voting at the annual meeting.
Mun čuovun du ruoktot! dajai Ánte roagga jienain.
I'll follow you home! said Ánte with a rough voice.