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Dalle jurddašii Ipmil: -Mun skoalkkuhan riggá uksii, go doppe goit in heađuš sin. Go rikkis gulai ahte muhtin uksii skoalkkuhii, rabai son glása ja jearai gii dat lei.
Then God thought: 'I knock on the door of the rich if I do not bother him. When the rich man heard someone knocking on the door, he opened his window and asked who was there.
Dálvi lea boahtimin.
Winter is coming.
Ja dat oainnat ii sáhte doaibmat almmá dakkár meahcceguovllu haga.
And it can't work without such a land area.
Hálan dutnje barggu birra.
I'm talking to you about the work.
Láviimet fitnat sullos gálašeamen ja návddašit beaivvi.
We used to go by the island to swim and enjoy the sun.
Mun gávdnen buori saji ovddimus beaŋkkas.
I found a good spot in the front row.
Girjjáš almmuhuvvui beassášmárkaniid rahpamis Guovdageainnus.
The book will be released during the opening of the Easter market in Kautokeino.
Sámegiela lean olles váimmustan addán mánáidasame, vaikko in leat sáhttán oahpahit ieš giela.
I gave my children the Sami language with all my heart, although I could not teach the language itself.
Son lea guktii dán kurssa váldán.
He has taken this course twice.
Áhkus ledje sámegiel biibbal ja sálbmagirji, muhto mun in lohkan daid goassege. Dál mun lean ges ožžon áhku boares biibbala.
My grandmother had a Bible and a psalm book in North Sámi but I never read it. Now, I got my grandmother's old Bible.