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Himolaš geahčastat vánddarda huksejeaddji bađas - leatgo goittotget homo, Toni?
A lustful gaze wanders on the arse of a construction worker - are you gay after all, Toni?
Sii leat guhká ássan lullin.
They have been living down south for a long time.
Márkanat leat buorre báiki oahpásmit sámeduoji maŋimuš ođđa ideaidda ja oastit juovlaskeaŋkkaid.
Markets are good places to get acquainted with the latest trends in Sami craftsmanship as well as to buy Christmas presents.
Mii nohkkuimet niesttis
We ran out of provisions.
Muhto boarraseamos sámegiel čálus gal lea juo jagis 1557.
But the oldest document written in the Sámi language is from the year 1557.
Mun lean danin, nuorravuođa rájes juo, geahččalan doarjut sámiid sin eallindilisteaset, maiddái kultuvrralaččat.
So, since my youth, I have tried to support the Sami in their living conditions and also culturally.
Jesus čilge áššiid veardádusaiguin, ja čájeha maid agálašvuohta mearkkaša.
Jesus explains things with parables and also explains what eternity means.
Buot olbmot leat riegádan friddjan ja olmmošárvvu ja olmmošvuoigatvuođaid dáfus dássásaččat.
All men are born free and equal in dignity and human rights.
Rogganvuoigatvuohta Finnmárkkus.
Extraction permit in Finnmark.