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What Are You Doing Today?

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to dance
to walk
to run
hashiri ni ikimasu
to go running
to swim
oyogi ni ikimasu
to go swimming
dekake masu
to go out
sanpo shimasu
to go for a walk
chūshoku ni dekake masu
to go out for lunch
yūshoku ni dekake masu
to go out for dinner
ne te imasu
being asleep
oki te imasu
being awake
to stay up
to go back; to return
ie ni kaerimasu
to go home
kyō wa nani o shitai desu ka?
what do you want to do today?
watashi wa kyō no gogo oyogi ni ikitai desu
this afternoon I want to go for a swim
sanpo shi tai desu ka?
do you want to go for a walk?
watashi tachi wa ashita no yoru hashiri ni ikimasu
tomorrow night we're going to go for a run