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to be (permament state)
Eu sou
I am (permanent)
Tu és
you are (permanent)
ele é
he is (permanent)
nós somos
we are (permanent)
eles são
they are (permanent)
to have
eu tenho
I have
tu tens
you have
ele tem
he has
nós temos
we have
eles têm
they have
eu estou
I am (temporary)
tu estás
you are (temporary)
ele está
he is (temporary)
nós estamos
we are (temporary)
eles estão
they are (temporary)
to be (temporary)
to be able to; can
eu posso
i can
tu podes
you can
ele pode
he can
nós podemos
we can
eles podem
they can
to do; to make
eu faço
I do; I make
tu fazes
you do; you make
ele faz
he does; he makes
nós fazemos
we do; we make
eles fazem
they do; they make