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eu serei
I will be
eu estarei
I will be (temp)
tu serás
you will be
tu estarás
you will be (temp)
ele estará
he will be (temp)
ele será
he will be
nós estaremos
we will be (temp)
nós seremos
we will be
eles estarão
they will be (temp)
eles serão
they will be
eu terei
I will have
tu terás
you will have
ele terá
he will have
eu poderei
I will be able to
ele poderá
he will be able to
tu poderás
you will be able to
nós poderemos
we will be able to
nós teremos
we will have
eles poderão
they will be able to
eles terão
they will have
eu farei
I will do
tu farás
you will do
ele fará
he will do
nós faremos
we will do
eles farão
they will do