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Indicativo Presente 3

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to know
eu sei
I know
tu sabes
You know
ele sabe
he knows
nós sabemos
we know
eles sabem
They know
to want
eu quero
I want
tu queres
you want (inf)
ele quer
he wants
nós queremos
we want
eles querem
they want (masc)
to stay
eu fico
I stay
tu ficas
you stay
ele fica
he stays
nós ficamos
we stay
eles ficam
they stay
to owe; to have to; to be obliged
eu devo
I must
tu deves
you must
ele deve
he must
nós devemos
we must
eles devem
they must
to pass; to spend
eu passo
I pass
tu passas
you pass
ele passa
he passes
nós passamos
we pass
eles passam
they pass