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Indicativo Futuro 3

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eu saberei
i will know
tu saberás
you will know
ele saberá
he will know
nós saberemos
we will know
eles saberão
they will know
eu quererei
i will want
tu quererás
you will want
ele quererá
he will want
nós quereremos
we will want
eles quererão
they will want
eu ficarei
i will stay
tu ficarás
you will stay
ele ficará
he will stay
nós ficaremos
we will stay
eles ficarão
they will stay
eu deverei
i shall
tu deverás
you shall
ele deverá
he shall
nós deveremos
we shall
eles deverão
they shall
eu passarei
i will pass
tu passarás
you will pass
ele passará
he will pass
nós passaremos
we will pass
eles passarão
they will pass