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Prototyping Tool
A software used to generate a visual representation of a product for the purpose of concept testing and validation.
Wireframing Tool
A software used to generate a visual representation of a product, illustrating content layout and accounting for primary design components. Wireframes are often simple constructions made entirely of simple geometric shapes and greyscale colors.
Vector Editing Tool
Sketch creates layered vector image files, which can be scaled on the web without loss of shape or detail or any danger of pixelation (when images become blurry or unclear as the result of re-sizing).
Design Software
Technology used during the design process to create an asset, tool, or product.
UX Design
Abbreviation for "User Experience Design," of a type of user-centered design that emphasizes usability. It's a collection of methods that creates and improves designs using strategies created to ensure a product's end-user can successfully complete the task that the design was made to enable or facilitate.