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sa bagms ainana anst habaiþ
this tree has one branch
sa bagms twans anstans habaiþ
this tree has two branches
sa bagms þrins anstans habaiþ
this tree has three branches
hwan filu
how many
hwan filu anste sa bagms habaiþ?
how many branches does the tree have?
sa fugls ana ansta sitiþ
these bird sits on the branch
þai fuglos in himina(m) sind
these birds are in the sky
figgrs meins laggs ist
my finger is long
þana hlaif haba
I have this bread
þai þiudanos ana stolam miþ hlaibam sitand
these kings sit on chairs with breads
sa tains þis bagmis ist
this branch is of this tree
þize taine
of these branches
every, all
in mis
in me
all taine in mis
every branch in me
sa stiur ana akra miþ grasa ist
this calf is on the field with grass
þai laubos þis bagmis mikilai sind
the leafs of this tree are big
waurd þis dagis
the word of the day
sa ams leikis meinis ist
this shoulder is of my body
sa fugls ana ama meinamma sitiþ
this bird sits on my shoulder
sa skalks þana skatt gaf mis
this servant gave me money