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Buore beaivi!
Good day!
Bures boahtin sámegielkursii!
Welcome to the Sami language course!
Mun lean Rávdná.
I am Rávdná.
Mun lean din sámegiel oahpaheaddji.
I am your Sami language teacher.
Mun lean 32 jagi boaris, ja mun lean Álttás eret.
I am 32 years old, and I am from Alta.
Mun lean lohkan sámegiela Romssa universitehtas.
I have read the Sami language at Tromso university.
Orun dal Romssa gávpogis.
I now live in Tromso city.
Mun lean oahppan sámegiela ruovttus.
I have learned Sami at home.
Mu eadni hupmá sámegiela ja mu áhčči fas hupmá dárogiela.
My mother speaks Sami and my father on the other hand speaks Norwegian.
Mun lean náitalan ja mus leat guokte máná.
I am married and have two children.
Mu isida namma lea Ovllá, mu nieiddaža namma lea Elle ja mu bártnáža namma lea Sámmol.
My husband's name is Ovllá, my daughter's name is Elle, and my son's name is Sámmol.
Astoáiggis mun liikon viehkat.
In my spare time I like to run.
Mun oassálasttán juohke jagi Midnight Sun Marathonas.
I participate in the Midnight Sun Marathon every year.
Naba dii? Geat dii lehpet?
How about you all? Who all are you?