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Giđđat čuvggoda ja bivalda.
In spring it becomes lighter and milder.
Muohta suddá ja bárbmolottit máhccet Sápmái.
The snow melts and the migratory birds return to Sameland.
Jieŋat vulget ja jávrrit ja jogat dulvet.
The ice goes and the lakes and rivers flood.
Sáttoluottain leat stánžžit.
There are mud puddles on the dirt roads.
Juohke giđa mun čorgen šilju.
Every spring I clean the garden.
Olu ruskkat ihtet go muohta suddá.
A lot of rubbish appears when the snow smelts.
Mun ozan sihkkela.
I look for my bike.
Dal beasan sihkkelastit bargui.
Now I can bike to work.
Geasset runoda máilbmi.
In summer the world turns green.
Muorain leat lasttat, gittiin leat lieđit.
There are leaves on the trees, in the meadow there are flowers.
Divrrit máhccet Sápmái.
Bus comes back to Sameland.
Mis lea geasseluopmu.
We have summer vacation.
De beassá mátkkoštit.
Then one can travel.
Juohke geasi mun gálašan jávrris ja vuojadan mearas.
Every summer I wade in the lake and swim in the sea.