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Ráhkadehket listtuid eará jagiáiggiid doaimmain.
Prepare a lot of activities for different times of the year.
dálvi: dálvet, juohke dálvvi
winter: in winter, every winter
giđđa: giđđat, juohke giđa
spring: in spring, every spring
geassi: geasset, juohke geasi
summer: in summer, every summer
čakča: čakčat, juohke čavčča
autumn: in autumn, every autumn
skábma: skábman, juohke skápma
polar night: during the polar night, every polar night
giđđádálvi: giđđadálvvi
springwinter, between winter and spring
giđđageassi: giđđageasi
springsummer: between spring and summer
čakčageassi: čakčageasi
fallsummer: between fall and summer
čakčadálvi: čakčadálvvi
fallwinter: between winter and fall