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Sire orru Sálašvákkis.
Sire lives in Sálašvákki.
Dat lea nannamis.
It's on the mainland.
Sus viessu lahka girku.
Her house is near the church.
Sire bargá buohcciviesus.
Sire works in a hospital.
Dat lea Romssa sullos.
This is Tromso island.
Juohke beaivvi son vuodjá biillain šaldi rastá.
Every day she drives by car over the bridge.
Go vuolgá ruoktot, de vuodjá tunealla čađa.
When she goes home, she drives through the tunnel.
Dakko manná jođáneappot.
That way she goes faster.
Sire láve dávjá bussiin johtit.
Sire often usually goes by bus.
Buohcciviesu luhtte leat nu unnán biilasajit.
At the hospital there are few parking spots.
Go lea beaivvádat ja čáppa dálki, de gal sihkkelastá šaldi rastá.
When there's sunshine and nice weather, she bicycles over the bridge.
Vahkkoloahpaid Sire liiko vázzit meahcis.
During the weekend Sire likes to go out to the wilderness.
Dávjá son vázzá gitta Sálašoaivái.
She often goes all the way to Sálašoaivi.
Sálašoaivvis oaidná hui guhkás.
At Sálašoaivi one can see extremely far away.
Sire láve dohko vázzit vaikko makkár dálkin.
Sire tends to go there in no matter what kind of weather.
Ii daga maidege jus arvá dahje bieggá.
She doesn't do anything if it's raining or snowing.
Jus gárvoda bures, de gal bivvá.
If she's dressed well then she's warm.
Sire váldá niesteseahka ja arvebiktasiid mielde, ja diehttelasat mátketelefovnna maid.
Sire takes a sack for provisions or rain wear, and of course a mobile phone too.
Dan haga ii vuolgge šat gosage.
Without it, she isn't going anywhere.
Maid don válddát mielde meahccetuvrii?
What do you take with you on a trip to the wilds?