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Čakča lea fiinna áigi.
Autumn is a wonderful time.
Lasttat fiskkodit ja ruškkodit ja maŋemus dat gahččet eatnamii.
The leaves turn yellow and brown and at last they fall to the ground.
Čakčat arvá ja olgun njuoská.
During the fall it rains and it gets wet outside.
De čoskkiida, ja olmmoš ferte gárvodit.
Then it gets colder and people have to dress [warmer].
Čakčat maid sevnnjoda.
In fall it also gets dark.
Árračavčča sáhttá leat mierká iđđes.
In early autumn there may also be fog in the morning.
Dálvet borgá dahje muohttá.
In the winter it blows or snows.
Dalle maid bieggá ja buolašta.
Then it's also windy and the cold sets in.
Buolaš cikcu muođuid.
The cold nips at the face.
Giđđadálvvi láve leat fiertu ja beaivvádat.
In early spring/late winter there is usually dry weather and the sun shines.
De lea fiinnis leat olgun.
Then it's nice to be outside.
Giđđat muohta suddagoahtá, go dalle bivalda.
In the spring the snow begins to melt, when then it becomes milder.
Dalle lea maid njuoskkas, ja leat ollu stánžžit.
Then it's also wet, and there's a lot of mud.
Rokkiide šaddet láddot.
The ditches become rivers.
Geasset lea liehmu.
In summer the weather is mild.
Geasset sáhttet maiddái leat báhkat.
During the summer it can also be hot.
Dalle sáhttá šaddat bajándálki.
Then there can also be a chance of thunderstorms.
Baján čeargu, ja de álddagastá.
The thunder roars, and then it lights up.
Makkár dálki lea doppe gos don leat, juste dál?
What kind of weather is it there where you are, right now?
Makkár dálki lei ikte?
What kind of weather was yesterday?