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Gii don leat?
Who are you?
Giibat don leat?
So who are you? Who are you anyway?
Mii du namma lea?
What is your name?
Mun lean Rávdná Hansen.
I am Rávdná Hansen.
Mu namma lea...
My name is...
Mun lean náitalan.
I am married.
Mun in leat náitalan.
I am not married.
Mus leat … máná.
I have .... children.
Mun orun ... s
I live in ...
Naba don?
And you?
Man boaris don leat?
How old are you?
Mun lean .... jagi boaris.
I am .... years old.
Mu isida namma lea ....
My husband's name is....
Mu eamida namma lea ...
My wife's name is ....
Mu bártni namma lea ....
My son's name is ....
Mu nieidda namma lea ....
My daughter's name is ....