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Mun lean oahpaheaddji.
I am a teacher.
Mun in leat studeanta.
I am a student.
Don leat čeahppi.
You are good (at what you're doing). You're skilled.
Don it leat čuorbi.
You are not clumsy. You're not inept.
Son lea doavttir.
She's a doctor.
Son ii leat snihkkár.
He's not a carpenter.
Mus lea nieida.
I have a girl.
Mus ii leat bárdni.
I don't have a boy.
Dus lea biila.
You have a car.
Dus ii leat sihkkel.
You don't have a bicycle.
Sus lea isit.
He has a husband.
Sus ii leat ruhta.
She doesn't have money.