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Mun lean Jovsset. Mun orun Báttargáttis.
I am Jovsset. I live in Báttargáddi.
Dat lea Návuona suohkanis.
It is in the municipality of Kvænangen.
Návuotna lea Romssa fylkkas.
Kvænangen is in Tromso county.
Mun orun áhku viesus.
I live at my grandmother's house.
Sire orru Sálašvákkis.
Sire lives in Sálašvákki.
Mu váhnemat orruba Buvrovuonas.
My parents live in Burfjord.
Sudnos lea doppe viessu.
They have a house there.
Maŋŋel barggu mun láven fiervvás fitnat.
After work I usually take a walk on the shoreline.
Dat lea Guovdageainnu suohkanis.
This is Kautokeino municipality.
Guovdageaidnu lea Finnmárkku fylkkas.
Kautokeino is in county Finnmark.
Mus lea viessu Soahtefielmmás.
I have a house in Krigselva.
Dáppe leat ollu jeakkit.
There are a lot of marshes here.
Mun láven čakčat čoaggit luopmániid jeakkis.
In the fall I usually pick cloudberries from the marsh.
Dáppe leat ollu čuoikkat geasset.
There are a lot of mosquitoes here in the summer.
Gos don orut?
Where do you live?